Surplus Musical Instrument Auctions

The next time you decide to go shopping for a musical instrument you may wish to forget retail stores like Sam Ash and Guitar Center. Instead, you’d want to check out surplus musical instruments up for sale at a government auction! They’ve generally got the selection of instruments you want at prices you most of the time just can’t beat. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your child, or someone you know; surplus instrument auctions are the perfect place to go to get the most bang for your musical buck.

You may be asking yourself, What exactly does “surplus” mean? Surplus items are basically goods that were once purchased by either the U.S. or state government or a government-affiliated agency that now no longer have a use for these items. Not only are instruments a hot commodity but depending on the auction you attend you can find everything from surplus cars and boats to jewelry and rare stamps.

From guitars to synthesizers, surplus musical instrument auctions have a vast selection of instruments that rival major retail stores. Why shell out over $2,000 for a custom American Fender Stratocaster guitar when you can attend an auction and pick one up for a mere fraction of the retail cost? Why so cheap? Because they’re surplus goods – and that’s synonymous with getting a great deal!

The surplus musical instruments that the auction houses receive typically come from a similar source. A trumpet up for auction, for example, might have originally been used by a university marching band that chose to replace their current set of trumpets. The excess trumpets that are no longer needed are then auctioned off to the general public. So you see, it’s a beneficial cycle where everybody wins; the government gets rid of an item they no longer need and we, the consumer, get a fantastic deal on a great instrument!

For information on finding one of the many auction houses that sell surplus musical instruments, I recommend you check out Not only will you more than likely find the perfect instrument for yourself, but the low prices will have you shopping there for generations to come! So bring your family of musicians to an auction today and find the perfect deal!