Dave Espino Infomercial – Auctions For Income Reviews

Dave Espino’s infomercial promoting auctions for income had me dreaming about making money on eBay. When I awoke, I found the TV still on, and Dave’s auctions for income infomercial guaranteeing you can earn at least $500 in 30 days, and reducing the price of $39.95 to $19.95. With the promise of making money at home online and a money back guarantee, is this something worth buying?

Dave Espino eBay Book

I had purchased a book at Best Buy in 1999 called Online Auctions at eBay, Bid with Confidence, Sell with Success, by Dennis Prince, for $19.99 and learned by reading how to check sold items for price comparisons, and how to put together an effective listing. This was enough to allow me to make several hundred dollars selling an extra computer printer on eBay.

Today you can find library books free of charge that give you the same information. Plus there is an active community of eBay users that will give advice and suggestions, and help you out, in addition to the information provided by eBay on how to get started.

Dave Espino Infomercial

It is reported that people have an average of $680 of unused stuff lying around the house, and I suspect that is the basis for the claim about making $500 your first month. For a $20 product, most people might find it not to be worth the effort to return a product and pay handling, then shipping charges both ways.

Finding wholesale suppliers willing to sell in small quantities may not be so simple. Sometimes inexpensive low quality merchandise may be nothing more appealing that what is available at the local discount store in your neighborhood. For items that are in high demand, there is a lot of price competition right on eBay.

Some people with a high level of desire and determination have found value in buying the thousands of dollars of additional private instruction available through the Dave Espino infomercial, but I suspect people with this level of drive could find similar information independently.

Auctions For Income Reviews

Dave’s Auctions for Income headquarters are in Chino, California. The Better Business Bureau Reliability Report for Auctions For Income, gives a BBB Rating of F. F is the lowest possible rating.

The rating was based in part on people being told they had to join PMI Coach for $5,500 to make the kind of money advertised, and that they need to have a website. There were also unanswered claims from 2008 regarding unauthorized and continuing payments on people’s credit cards.