Down jacket, who wears a slightly more fat dress, is one of the most lame costumes in fashion, After all, picked the wrong duvet, really is a kind of punch, the gun does not wear the bloated feeling... But living in Vancouver, have to bow, can only look for a warm, design sense and figure of the duvet on the road to go further and further!

Until I met mackage Canada... Founded in 1999 in Mackage, Montreal, it has now become Canada's top fashion duvet brand. Stars at home and abroad on the mackage is absolutely love to add, concave shape without pressure!

Mackage's coat looks warm, with no complicated design, a simple silhouette that outlines the perfect shape, and the plush hat is connected to the neckline, keeping warm and cute.

Is worthy of the cold Canadian design of the mackage coats, two layers of zipper, windproof and warm effect is very good, very cold time, put the hat up, feel what wind, frost and snow rain have passed ...

Mackage's duvet can even withstand the lowest temperature of 35 degrees below zero! and Canada goose the lowest cold resistance temperature is also 25 degrees below zero. Customers generally reflect about 0 degrees of time, inside as long as wearing a T-shirt is very cold.

Mackage sale kids completely inherits the fashion of adults, put on exactly as cool as small adults, with a parent-child dress out to flashy!If you want kids to get rid of the bulky and old-fashioned impression of wearing a duvet and look for a warm and type duvet, look at it.