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Age and Fitness Factors Involved in Exercise and Sports

Sport practiced correctly should accompany us until the end of our days. It’s amazing how many people past the age of 30 believe that they can no longer afford to practice sport at a certain intensity. Often this is because the sports they practised when they were far rougher and damaging to the body, so after the age of 30 they now suffer from sore joints and aching muscles.

There is also the lifestyle decisions. The factor that many people live an unhealthy lifestyle that leads to premature aging (typically, the kg of too begin to weigh like lead). As years go by, sport gets more and more important to keep active and healthy. No matter what age one is, the practice of any sport needs to be planned and safe, never forgetting that our goal is to play sports until the end of our days. Any injury that leaves some mark in the long run, can become chronic and force us to stop practicing a sport altogether.

Physical injury dramatically decreases the quality of our lives, forcing us to discontinue the practice of sport. This also leads to weight gain, as we will struggle to recover So, how do we stay away from injuries? Remember, the vast majority of accidents are caused by overloads, which we subject our bodies to when we are forcing it to the limit. So, to avoid accidents, we must be sufficiently distant from our own limitations, especially as far as sport is intense sport is concerned.

Injuries are almost always associated with an excessive volume of training (typically too many km a week in Jogging), but also by other factors such as the downhill in search of the limit cycling (especially in mountain bike), downhill skiing, and even such sports as football and rugby. I have practiced many sports and I know many who take part in the most diverse sports activities one can imagine.

At the age of 35 years I have become convinced that the best strategy for sport is to perform at the right intensity all the time (neither too much nor too little), the appropriate volume (km per week), the right motivation (high enough and especially durable) in order to obtain the maximum benefits without incurring injury, is to practice more of a multidisciplinary approach. When one is over 30, the key is to choose sports that are less likely to cause injury. Then you can enjoy it until the end of your days.