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Is This Even Possible? Let Me Name a Few Ways How You Can Travel As a Job

If you are like me, you are someone that loves to travel. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the Grand Canyon or Ibiza, you have dreamed of traveling all over the world since you were a child. The rush, the excitement, the food, the people… and of course, the new world you are able to observe with your very own eyes. It’s all very special and if you go into any trip with an open mind, it makes it all that much better.

If you are someone that loves to travel but cannot afford to quit their day job, you might not realize it, but there are ways that you can learn how to travel as a job. Developing the right skill sets will allow you to set yourself up for a career option that enables you the ability to travel to different locations and get paid for it.

Athletic Recruiter

Recruiters in the athletic sector are paid to travel to different schools and various sporting events to recruit and scout for new talent. Of course, if you don’t know anything about sports or that particular sport, you will be required to understand the game of the sport you are recruiting for. A step farther, and you will need to have the ‘knack’ of finding talent… This jobs depends on your ability to pick out someone with amazing athletic skills. If you are a big spots fan, this might be the best traveling job for you. Heck, it may be the best job ever! I love sports and I love traveling so where do I sign?

Cruise Employee

When you work on a cruise ship, it’s one of the best-traveling jobs around. You can make an income traveling around the world, while still getting free food and accommodations. You can be a server at the restaurant, a clerk at the shop or even one of the ships performers. There are so many different ways you can work on a cruise line and earn an income. If you have ever waited tables, served drinks at a bar or worked as a concierge at a hotel, you will already be ready for the good days and bad days of the hospitality industry. It’s a tough job, but very rewarding at the same time.

Flight Attendant

This is one of the most accessible travel jobs around. You don’t need a degree to be a flight attendant. You will have to get certification, but it doesn’t require a special degree. The hours are somewhat erratic, but you will get access to traveling to some of the best cities around the world. You may also get free and discounted flights as a bonus perk of the job. This occupation, along with working on a cruise line, will give you the most bang for your buck. Talk about making up some ground-you are always on the move to a new place, city and country. It can wear on you but if you can deal with people-even the cranky ones-this is right up your alley.

Tour Guide

How would you like spending your time guiding others around Europe? You will need to be knowledgeable on the destination you want to work in, but you can lead tourists in the city and show them some of the best sights and cultural experiences around. This makes a great career for those that would love to work and live abroad.


Jump on board and learn how to travel as a job with these few ways to gain experience traveling around the world and also an income. Enjoy seeing the different cities and countries and their beautiful sights. Enjoy having the freedom to travel anytime you want around the world. You will be able to experience a life that takes you to some of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen before. In addition, to making an income with these traveling jobs, you may even be able to gain additional bonus perks for friends and family members.